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By Augusto Alvarez Rodrich (Director)

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And yet while Locke understood that knowledge of substance might elude human powers, he saw that it was knowledge of things that gave preference to one person's ideas over another's, to the ideas of the majority over the clear and distinct ideas of the madman in the case mentioned above. Anticipating the criticism of his 'way of ideas' for established metaphysical theory, he concluded that there were two sorts of ideas which agree with objects in nature. The first were simple ideas produced by things in nature 'operating on the Mind in a natural way'.

28 For the members of the Royal Society, empirical investigations into nature yielded knowledge of the phenomenal properties of corporeal substance leading to the ability to predict nature's course, but these investigations offered nothing regarding the essence of substance underlying appearance, the corpuscular structure. The new science did not concern itself with the insensible parts of nature on which all its other properties depend. In this crucial respect, the results of all empirical investigations were subject to doubt pending future evi- 44 John Locke dence.

Locke was offered a diplomatic post in the new government, but he declined the invitation and accepted instead a modest appointment as a Commissioner of Appeals. He lived in London for the next two years, observing with some disappointment the failure of Parliament to act on the proposed 'comprehension' and 'toleration' bill for nonconformists, even though the final Toleration Act granted relief from persecution to Dissenters while denying them full civil equality. 39 Those years seemed to have been filled with political activity, advising friends such as the Earl of Pembroke, Lord Monmouth, Solicitor-General John Somers, and MPs Edward Clarke and Sir William Younge, among others.

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